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Keep Going

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When I first created my greeting card featuring the saying,“When Life gives you scraps, make a quilt”, I did so for people who sew – but I’ve come to realize that it’s actually apt for many occasions.

Many of us are going through trying times, beset by economic problems or political divisions within our families. While working on this style recently, I thought about people who have triumphed over adversity.

Vincent Van Gogh only sold one painting in his entire life! Yet he continued to create masterpieces.

Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times, yet he achieved many great successes.

Walt Disney was fired from a job because he was told he didn’t have enough imagination!

Don’t let adversity stop you -- keep going until you triumph – and you will!

You can find this card here: https://lydiasland.com/friendship-c745/

Is everyone sick of hearing about the Coronavirus?

Sadly, that is our current reality. We need to listen to our governor’s and government’s recommendations to stop this virus as soon as possible. And as we hunker down, now might be a good time to start some old fashioned communications, like calling people up & sending them some greeting cards just to cheer them [...]

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Don't give up!

I recently went to the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park, New Jersey, where I discovered many things about Einstein that I hadn’t known.Did you know that Einstein tried 10,000 items to try to perfect the filament of the light bulb?He never gave up and consequently created many great things!So when you keep getting rejected and feel like you just what to [...]

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Embrace Change

The other day, I broke a thermal insulated mug that I use to make coffee.  I searched the web to find a replacement only to see it would not get to me for at least a week or two.And being somewhat unique, it was not found in any retail store near me. So I decided to buy a different type of [...]

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Faith is like a Stained Glass Window

As I was driving to church in a bitter cold morning, it came to me that my Faith must be stronger than I thought. Why would I get up so early on Saturday, when regular services were just the next day? It was a Holy Day but so many would not bother to attend. Why should I?At [...]

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Greeting Cards are like Cookbooks

I was thinking that greeting cards are like cookbooks.How many times have you gone to the internet for a recipe instead of reaching for a cookbook or stack of food magazines on your shelf? It's so much easier to type what you what and have it magically appear. So I understand those who opt for the e card. It's [...]

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Introducing my new Immigrant Heritage Note cards

Although I have been in the greeting card business for many years, I occasionally still exhibit my artwork at local Art Galleries. Last year I was excited to have been a part of the Kindred Exhibit-Celebrating Our Ancestors at the Annmarie Sculpture Garden and Arts center in Dowell, Maryland.My artwork was selected by a professional folklorist, and a curator [...]

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Philadelphia Eagles Are World Champs!

I’m really not a sports fan, but when Super Sunday rolled around, I found myself bursting with pride. Born and raised in South Jersey and a Philly resident for many year, I’d seen lots of disappointments for local fans over the year.When the Birds won the right to go to the Big Game, I found [...]

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What One does for Art

I’ve always loved music, plays, literature and recently I was fortunate to see one of Rene Fleming’s last performance at the Met, “Der Rosenkavalier.”I remember my college days, drawing en plein near the Philadelphia Art Museum and the pleasure I derived from it.One summer, I even painted a ten foot mural on the local Comcast building in blistering heat. [...]

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A Mother's Heart

It’s springtime- such a beautiful time of year and so it’s only fitting that we celebrate Mother’s Day next month. It got me thinking about how powerful a mother’s love can be. Most mothers will do almost anything for their children and help them to be better than themselves.My mother instilled a positive set of morals and values into us and [...]

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