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Philadelphia Eagles Are World Champs!

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I’m really not a sports fan, but when Super Sunday rolled around, I found myself bursting with pride. Born and raised in South Jersey and a Philly resident for many year, I’d seen lots of disappointments for local fans over the year.

When the Birds won the right to go to the Big Game, I found myself caught up in that “Underdog Fever” -- I designed a special card for Super Sunday, and on the big day, I cheered for them throughout the game.

Big Game Card

(inside message: I'm ready to celebrate!)

 Their dedication and determination reflected some of my most encouraging inspirational cards. The Eagles believed in themselves, they never gave up, and they prevailed! 

Lydia's Land encouragement card

What One does for Art

I’ve always loved music, plays, literature and recently I was fortunate to see one of Rene Fleming’s last performance at the Met, “Der Rosenkavalier.”I remember my college days, drawing en plein near the Philadelphia Art Museum and the pleasure I derived from it.One summer, I even painted a ten foot mural on the local Comcast building in blistering heat. [...]

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A Mother's Heart

It’s springtime- such a beautiful time of year and so it’s only fitting that we celebrate Mother’s Day next month. It got me thinking about how powerful a mother’s love can be. Most mothers will do almost anything for their children and help them to be better than themselves.My mother instilled a positive set of morals and values into us and [...]

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Small Acts Of Kindness

It’s that time again! Most of us are running around trying to find that special gift for everyone on our list. The cars honk loudly, the people push rudely in the stores- it all seems to be the antithesis of the what the season should inspire.But the other night, when my husband came home and recounted the story of his [...]

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The Busy, Beautiful Autumn

Have you started to feel that new crispness in the air? I hate to see summer go but I love the riotous colors of fall. Read more of my “fall feelings” on the October style of my “Your Beautiful Month” Birthday Greetings line.Everyone gets busier in Autumn, so on my cousin’s suggestion I created two special boxed sets of my [...]

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Life is Like A Pie Crust!

I got up early on this beautiful fourth of July morning to make my dessert for today’s family gathering.As I started to roll the dough my mouth watered at the notion of fresh blueberry pie bursting with fruit.“Oh no,” I thought, as the mixture started to crumble. “Had I ruined it, by having prepared it yesterday?”Since it wasn’t coming together, I frantically [...]

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It's Your Beautiful Month!

“It was such a spring day as breathes into a man an ineffable yearning, a painful sweetness, a longing that makes him stand motionless, looking at the leaves or grass, and fling out his arms to embrace he knows not what.” -John Galsworthy, The Forsyte SagaDon’t those words capture the essence of spring? With spring comes the beginning of new life. [...]

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Happy 2016!

A new year is upon us and with it the feeling that change must be imminent.It's a time to make resolutions and improve your life, we're told.One tends to cling to the tried and true because it's oh so comfortable and safe.I'm reminded of one night when my husband and I were planning on watching a new movie at home.  [...]

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Pope Francis is coming to town!

The World meeting of Families is almost upon us! How fortunate we are here in the Delaware Valley to be part of this historic event.I can't help but remember the last Papal visit to Philadelphia in 1979. I was attending Moore College of Art when Pope John II was scheduled to come and I was thrilled to have the best [...]

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Christmas in June

It's early June, Spring is in the air, and flowers are blossoming all around me.  And what am I doing? Thinking of Christmas.No, I don't have sugar plums dancing in my head, nor am I thinking of Christmas shopping. I'm designing new Christmas cards for the Summer Markets. And, I'm late!July is when many retailers start shopping for Christmas [...]

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