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Greeting Cards are like Cookbooks

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I was thinking that greeting cards are like cookbooks.

How many times have you gone to the internet for a recipe instead of reaching for a cookbook or stack of food magazines on your shelf? It's so much easier to type what you what and have it magically appear. So I understand those who opt for the e card. It's easy, takes minutes & it's done. I am guilty of that myself.

But as I decided to leaf through some of my cookbooks instead, I found myself remembering the many recipes I had used and the great times associated with them.

Isn't that like a paper greeting card? You touch it, feel it and then save it and perhaps look back at it in the future.

Just as I think cookbooks aren't going away, I believe there will always be a place for a greeting card.

In fact, I recently read how there is an increase in greeting card buying among millennials.

Now that is heartwarming!


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