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Happy 2016!

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A new year is upon us and with it the feeling that change must be imminent.

It's a time to make resolutions and improve your life, we're told.

One tends to cling to the tried and true because it's oh so comfortable and safe.

I'm reminded of one night when my husband and I were planning on watching a new movie at home.  My husband was channel surfing when he noticed The Music Man was playing. Being a favorite, we started watching it, and although thoroughly enjoying it, missed the opportunity to try something innovative.

Here at Lydia's Land, my customers tend to keep ordering the same bestsellers which makes sense but it's also necessary to try something unfamiliar as well. It not only expands one's selections but it could become the next hot seller.

So for 2016, look for some innovative hand crafted greeting cards and gift items to appear periodically at Lydia's Land, as I try to keep my products fresh for the coming year!


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