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Life is Like A Pie Crust!

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I got up early on this beautiful fourth of July morning to make my dessert for today’s family gathering.

As I started to roll the dough my mouth watered at the notion of fresh blueberry pie bursting with fruit.

“Oh no,” I thought, as the mixture started to crumble. “Had I ruined it, by having prepared it yesterday?”

Since it wasn’t coming together, I frantically started to think of alternatives-- Blueberry crumble? Was there a bakery open? Anything but a BAD blueberry pie.

But stubbornly, I worked the dough back into a ball and began again.

It came together nicely. I managed to compose the pie with minimal effort, and my bursting-with-blueberries blueberry pie went into the oven.

Here it is, not perfect, but bound to be delicious.

I thought, “Life is like a pie crust, difficult sometimes, but keep going and eventually you’ll get it right.”

Happy Fourth of July!


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